We are A Comprehensive manufacturer of Anti-rust Chemcial and Inhibitor for Industrial Chemicals.

Anti-rust Chemical for Electric Materials
For Through hole Plating, For Copper Foil
For Print Circuit Board, For Lead Frame,
For Electromagnetic Shielding Film,

Inhibitor for Photo-resist(Dry and liquid),
For Lithium Ion Battery

Inhibitor for Car Chemicals 
Inhibitor for Coolant, Blake Fruid, Radiator Coolant
Anti-rust Chemical for Metal Working Process 
For Cast and Steel Parts, For Copper and Copper-alloy parts ,
For Aluminum Parts, For Lead parts
For Steel Wire , For Cable and Copper Wire,For Solid Wire
Anti-rust Chemical after Plating
For Copper Plating, For Nickel Plating For Zinc Plating
Inhibitor for Industrial Chemicals 
For Water Treatment Chemicals ,For Lubricants,
For Metalworking Fluid, For Metal Cleaning Fluid, For Grease, For Brine
Inhibitor for Inks 
For Fountain solution,For Ballpoint Pen
Environment-responsive Anti-rust Chemical and Inhibitor
Low COD type, Non-amine type
Rust remover 
Acid type ,Neutrial type
Contract Manufacturing and Distribution 
We manufacture your product in Japan.
We sell your product using our sales network in Japan.

Anti-rust Chemcial for Aluminium in Acid solution
Environment-responsive Anti-rust Chemical
Low COD(Mn) type for Cast and Steel
Discoloraiton-proof chemical for Copper plating
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